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Career Planning

High school is the time to explore your interests and determine your aptitudes so that you can direct yourself towards a career that matches your interests and abilities. Once you've determine a potential career you will be able to determine whether your post-high school goals will be focused on immediate entry to the workforce through an apprenticeship, vocational training program, military, community college or 4-year college.
Career planning involves:
  • identifying your strengths, goals interests 
  • picking a course or training program that relates to those strengths, goals and interests, and 
  • creating a plan to get into work or training that leads to your chosen career
One way to start  your career planning it o successfully complete a CTE pathway during high school.
Career Exploration Links
  • California Career Zone is a career exploration and planning system designed especially for students. 
  • Who Do You Want 2B provides information on career options, based upon 15 career pathways. Pathways represent 15 major industry sectors in California. 
  • Career resource for students with learning disabilities CA Career Center
  • The California Colleges section aims to help students identify and prepare for a career that suits their skills, values, interests, and personality. 
  • The Occupational Outlook Handbook is the nation's premier source for career information. The profiles featured cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become one, pay, and More. 
  • California Occupational Guide includes job description, job outlook and wages, and qualification requirements.
Trade /Vocational/Technical Schools
Trade schools, vocational schools, and technical schools are places that can help train for jobs that require a particular educational experience or where you can learn specific technical skills. Certificates, associate degree or other training programs can usually be completed in relatively short amount of time. 
Community college, career colleges, trade schools and adult education programs is specifically geared toward helping students get employment-ready skills and knowledge for particular occupations. 
List of near by Trade/Vocational/Technical Schools near Bassett High School
How to choose the right program 
  • Find an accredited school or program offering. If you are planning on working while in school or training, consider the length of your program and how it may impact your availability for your current job. 
  • Be sure to thoroughly research the expected costs for tuition and fees for your program -- and find out what you can about costs that might be separate from tuition and fees, such as equipment, supplies or exams
  • Explore available financial aid options. Remember that there are often certain requirements to be eligible for grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid


Thinking about a career in the military? You have plenty of options in the five branches of the United States armed services. Each has a unique mission. 


General eligibility:

  • High School graduate 
  • 17-35 years of age (varies by service)
 Please select any of the five branches for more information.
Army Recruiter 
Gabino Alonso
Staff Sergeant 
Office: (626) 965-0239
Cell: (909) 753-6599