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Academic Policies

Academic honesty is a fundamental principle of scholarship it is expected that all work completed by the student be his/her own. Research/Term papers must reflect the student’s own work citing sources and references where necessary. Any work submitted by the student that is found not to be his/her own shall be given an “F” grade. Further disciplinary action may be taken by Bassett High School Staff and Administration.

Homework is generally given at least four times a week in all classes. Appropriate homework assignments for all students are based on an average of thirty minutes per class hour. Honors and Advanced Placement courses will require additional preparation on the part of the student. The goal of each homework assignments is to support the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR’S) objectives of Bassett High School. “Students will develop positive attitudes toward learning, ultimately becoming lifelong, independent learners.”

Students shall be able to accomplish the following:
  • To develop and demonstrate independent study habits.
  • To practice and apply learning.
  • To organize research and experiments.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of learning by successfully exams and actively participating in class.

Homework is assigned
  • Provide practice of learning skills, concepts taught.
  • Facilitate make up of work missed for legal absences.
  • Extend classroom learning guided lines to independent learning.
  • Prepare for lessons by reading, writing, or organizing material.
  • To encourage independent thinking.

PLAGIARISM POLICY- Our policy is well defined in our school Handbook. Please take the time to review it with your student.