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Bassett High School’s G.A.T.E. Vision
Bassett High School’s vision is dedicated to offering differentiated instruction that fosters excellence and achievement of every student’s potential throughout their high school career and beyond. We encourage productive, complex, abstract higher level thinking skills developed and integrated into instruction of grade level standards.
G.A.T.E. Identification Process
The nomination/referral process is ongoing and includes students from 1st - 12th grades. All children are eligible for the nomination process regardless of socioeconomic, linguistic or cultural background, and/or disabilities. A continuous District-wide search, screening, assessment, and identification procedure is used to determine the full range of capabilities of G.A..T.E. nominees at every school site.
The classroom teacher or parent may refer students to be nominated for G.A.T.E. identification to the G.A.T.E. site coordinator using the “Gifted and Talented Education Student Referral” form. Performance data, assessments, and recommendations are presented to the Student Success Team for review and approval.