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Freshman Year- Counselors meet with students and parents to review graduation requirements, college admission, extracurricular activities and programs available to students. During the meeting, a Four-Year Plan is develop.

Sophomore Year- Class presentations and SAT, ACT information. Review graduation requirements and college admission requirements.

Junior Year- Presentations regarding graduation requirements and deadlines. Career and College information is discussed. Campus tours of various community colleges and 4 year universities. 

Senior Year- Presentations regarding scholarships and financial aid information. Counselors help students apply for scholarships. Guidance hosts various college application seminars to help students apply for college. FAFSA presentations and meetings with parents to help complete applications. 

How do Students Benefit from a School Counseling Program?
The primary task of counselors is to help all students achieve academic success and post high school goals by providing a comprehensive school counseling program that meets their academic, career, and social emotional development needs.

Counselors are dedicated to serve the well-being and success of every student at our campus.

This is accomplished by providing:
  • guidance curriculum
  • individual planning
  • responsive services
  • system support

Our number one goal is to have all BHS graduates be college and career ready!