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Welcome to the College and Career Center


Bassett High School College and Career Center (CCC) provides a variety of resources for college and career planning. The CCC is a place for those who plan to attend a college, those who plant to enter a vocational or occupational training program, and those who just are not sure. The CCC is a place where students can come to obtain information on:

  • College (Community Colleges, 4-year Universities, etc.),
  • Testing & Test Prep (SAT, ACT, PSAT)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships (FAFSA, CSS Profile, Financial Aid Workshops, 
  • Career Pathways and Info on Different College Majors/Minors
Naviance is a comprehensive online college and career portal available for grades 8 through 12 that helps students identify their strengths, discover careers, and prepare for post-secondary programs. Students have the opportunity to complete multiple grade level tasks within the Naviance platform that support college awareness, eligibility and preparedness. Bringing Naviance to all schools reinforces college-going culture in alignment with District policy.
For high school students, Naviance streamlines every aspect of the college research, application and enrollment process, which greatly eases the work of counseling staff. The platform has curriculum and tasks to engage each grade level.