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Our mission is to involve student, staff, parents and the community as partners in providing relevant instructional and extra-curricular programs that challenge students to develop and apply their knowledge, skill, and talents for a productive and bright future as key players in a democratic society. To assure this, BHS provides an extensive rigorous instruction of advance placement (AP) and honors (H) classes throughout the four years of high school. In addition, we also provide enriching classes and clubs that will help with developing a well rounded individual. 


Courses designated at AP or H are assigned and extra grade point value.


Our AP course offerings are: English Language, English Literature, Statistics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Studio Art 2D Design, Studio Art 3D Design, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Modern World History, US History, American Government, Macroeconomics, Music Theory,and Psychology


Our Honors course offerings are: English 9 and 10, Biology, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Modern World History.