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Club name: Academic Decathlon
Advisor name: Ms. McDonough
Advisor Contact Information (email address):
Number of active members: 12
Meeting Days and Times: M-F, 3:00 pm-4:30 pm, September - February, in addition to summer meetings

Brief description of club’s purpose and activities that it does during the year:
The California Academic Decathlon is a statewide non-profit organization that promotes an educational experience providing a format in which teams of nine high school students compete in academic events. The makeup of each of the nine member teams must include three A students, three B students, and three C or below students. Academic Decathletes take 30 minute multiple choice tests in the subjects of Art, Economics, Music, Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. In addition, each team member gives a planned 4 minute Speech and a 2 minute impromptu Speech, participates in a 7 minute Interview, and has 50 minutes to write an Expository Essay.

The Super Quiz Relay, the final event, is open to the public and features questions from subject matters including Art, Economics, Music, Language and Literature, Science, and Social Science.

2015-2016 Medal winners

Ailsa Thai -- Silver

Language and Literature:
Ailsa Thai -- Silver

Natalie Rojas -- Bronze
Enrique Lucas -- Silver
Alondra De Leon -- Silver
Ailsa Thai -- Gold
Marianna Acevedo -- Gold
Felipe Perez -- Gold

Enrique Lucas -- Bronze
Ailsa Thai -- Silver

Felipe Perez -- Bronze
Victoria Gurrola -- Bronze
Enrique Lucas -- Bronze
Alondra De Leon -- Silver

Team Top Scoring Decathlete:
Ailsa Thai