Bassett High Students Pursue Career Pathways in Health Science

LA PUENTE – Bassett High School senior Aldo Diaz joined the HOSA Club in hope that it would give him the courage to make new friends and take initiative. Now in his second year, Diaz is planning to continue his education at Cal State Dominguez Hills to pursue a career as a medical lab scientist.
“I would recommend to anyone who considers themselves shy or timid to join the HOSA Club,” Diaz said. “I know it would change their life because it changed mine. I am more outgoing and now that I have a plan for after high school.”
Diaz will be attending the 2019 California HOSA State Leadership Conference in Sacramento.
“I am looking most forward to the workshops because it gives me an opportunity to explore more pathways and meet new people,” Jaime said. “I love to talk to the health professionals and other students, express my interests and hear about what interests them.”
The 2019 California HOSA State Leadership Conference starts Thursday, March 28 at the Sacramento Convention Center.
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