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Club name: Florida
Advisor name: Ms. McDonough
Advisor Contact Information (email address): jmcdonough@bassettusd.org
Number of active members:
Meeting Days and Times: Spring and Fall meetings, trip occurs the second week of June

Brief description of club’s purpose and activities that it does during the year:
On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, students will explore some of our nation's most diverse marine
ecosystems, experience incomparable learning moments, and gain a new appreciation for science. This will be a trip that your child will be talking about for years to come!
Your child will return home excited to tell you about:
  • Identifying vibrant tropical fish and coral while snorkeling with friends
  • Swimming with dolphins, and observing their behavior and anatomy alongside marine biologists
  • Kayaking through mangrove-lined forests, one of the most unique coastal ecosystems
  • Discovering methods that researchers and veterinarians use to help preserve sea turtles and their
Students have the opportunity to earn one semester of high school science credit by participating in the Florida trip activities.